Why 'Excel for Data Analysis':

  1. A large part of a Data Analyst’s role is to discover, collect, catalogue, classify and curate large amounts of metadata and data. There is no tool more fundamental, robust like Excel — > Having all data in one place is key !
  2. Excel is universally used as it comes out of the Microsoft office bundle – With the increase move to Microsoft 365 by majority of organisations, it’s become more so.
  3. It’s the base for any visual stats and forms the basis for Data Visualisation tools like PowerBI ( Another popular tool)
  4. Excel is used across all business functions in every organisation.
  5. With Macros, you are able to program your functions easily.
  6. It is the most basic Data Analytics tool. Teaches you basic of Data Analytics very simply
  7. Excel is also used by Data Scientists – It’s the best bridge between non-data scientist and a data scientist.

Just 7 of the very many reasons to learn Excel.

Start your Data Career with the Humble (but Mighty) Excel !