Why ‘Excel for Data Analysis’: A large part of a Data Analyst’s role is to discover, collect, catalogue, classify and curate large amounts of metadata and data. There is no tool more fundamental, robust like Excel — > Having all data in one place is key ! Excel is universally used as it comes out ... Read more

Data profession gone viral

Before Covid-19, the only people excited by data were those in related fields. Covid-19 changed that. How did this change come about? We all can remember, looking back now, the news items about an infectious virus spreading in Wuhan, China. It was tucked away as news item number 4 or 5. People didn’t think too ... Read more

Data in our daily lives

We all used data throughout our daily lives without even realising it. Of course, we do not perform the rigorous statistical exercise that is usually associated with the craft. However, if you were tasked with opening someone’s eyes to the world of data science and how they do it too, albeit at a different scale, ... Read more